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23rd July
written by Steph

[N.B. The somewhat patriotic motif in the title would have made more sense if I had been able to post this on the July 4th weekend, when I originally drafted this up.  But as you know, life and the wedding got in the way so now the title is more puzzling than it is cute.  I've not changed the text below, so any prospective references to wedding planning and the like can be ignored.  Just transport yourself back three weeks in time, and you'll be in the right mindset! 😉 ] One of the great things about keeping a blog is that I get to keep track of the frequency of our book buying binges.  On average it would appear that I am able to stay away from the bookstore for about 3 weeks before I finally cave and have to stalk its aisles once more.  As I mentioned in my last post in which I solicited recommendations for my summer/honeymoon reading (be sure to suggest a southern and/or summery classic if you haven’t already!), I’ve sort of been jonesing for particular reads that I feel our home library is lacking, so I suppose I just wanted to get out there and see what I could find.  The book I’m currently reading (hopefully I can finish it and get a review up before things really swing into wedding mode next week) makes frequent reference to Herman Melville and Moby Dick in particular, so my interest was piqued and I thought I might like to try to read that massive epic.  It was off to McKay’s to see if I could find a copy… I didn’t (not entirely true: they had several, but the minimum price was $8, and I just didn’t feel like shelling out that kind of cash for a book I wasn’t certain I would love), but we did wind up with a few other books. (more…)