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5th April
written by Steph
Not to be confused with the Sondheim musical "Into the Woods"...

Not to be confused with the Sondheim musical "Into the Woods"...

Tony picked this one out for me when we visited Chicago back in May, 2008.  At that time, we had not yet discovered the wonders of McKay’s here in good old Nashville, so I was thrilled to be in a used bookstore that had a great selection of used books, and ones in good condition no less (one of my peeves regarding one of Nashville’s more popular used bookstores is that they price all copies of a given book the same, regardless of the condition said books are in… suffice it to say the price is often much higher than what I think is fair play on used books, but then again, perhaps I’m spoiled as I remember being able to buy used books for like, 25 cents and a dollar when I was a kid).  Anyway, I had heard about In The Woods when Tony handed it to me, and even though it was a hardcover copy, the price was quite reasonable (I think it was $12), so I decided to go ahead and give it a shot.  After all, it sounded like exactly the kind of book I would like. The basic premise is that Detective Rob Ryan spent the first 12 years of his life growing up in Knocknaree, Ireland (a small, idyllic town on the outskirts of Dublin) when tragedy struck.  On a quiet summer day in 1984, he and his two best friends enter the woods that skirt the town, only for two of the trio to never be seen ever again.  When Rob (then known as Adam) is found in the woods later that night, he is covered in blood (it is even inside of his shoes) and the back of his shirt has been slashed several times, and he has no memory of what has happened to either himself or his friends.  Flash forward to present day. Rob is now an adult and working on Ireland’s Murder Squad, when he and his partner Cassie Maddox are called to investigate the murder of a young girl found on an archeological dig site in Knocknaree.  As they investigate the case, Rob is forced to face his past, as signs begin to emerge that the present day murder may be linked to the disappearance of his two friends all those years ago. (more…)