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5th February
written by Steph

I’ve decided to take a temporary hiatus from reading my way through the books on this year’s Tournament of Books list.  Right now I’ve read a quarter of the entrants (read: four books), and while I thought half of these books were ok, I haven’t exactly thought any of them were stellar, and some of them were definitely not my cuppa tea.  In the end, I want my reading experience to be an enjoyable one, and if restricting my book choices to a list isn’t proving to be profitable, I’d rather cut my losses and try something else.  Part of my decision has been influenced by the fact that many of the ToB books I’ve requested at my local library still have a rather lengthy list, so I have no choice but to move on to different reading material for the time being.  So far the books I’ve sampled from the list haven’t instilled me with the kind of confidence to rush out and buy any of the other books on the list, so until the books are available to me at no fiscal cost whatsoever, I’m going to read through my lengthy TBR pile (which has increased in length yet again, due to McKay’s... it's supplanted shoe buying, which is a huge deal for me).  I’m not swearing off the ToB books forever, mind you, but I might cleanse my literary palate for a while before venturing back to them.  In the end, I might prefer to wait and see which books at least win their first round before picking up any more, as I think I’ve spent enough time with some of the loser books… (more…)