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4th February
written by Steph
To read makes our speaking English good!

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Just imagine this post's title sung to you by dancing hot dogs and bags of popcorn... At this point, I don’t think I really need to admit to all of you that I have a ridiculous book-buying habit.  I mean, that’s kind of old news.  Plus, it’s not like any of my fellow book lovers out there are going to judge me (harshly) for this kind of addictive behavior… right?  It’s not like it’s hurting anyone! For what it’s worth, I have instituted a policy that I am no longer allowed to go to McKay’s unless I’m bringing books/dvds/games to trade in for store credit.  So while I continue to accumulate books, I’m also forcing myself to get rid of books that I didn’t like all that much rather than just being a clutterbug.  And this new policy has also lightened the impact on my wallet, since on our last two trips I haven’t had to pay using “real” money for any of our purchases. Anyway, let’s get onto the loot!  This time we came away with 16 books, which came to a grand total of $33 (store credit).  Our most expensive book was, I think, $5, and our cheapest book came in at $1 (several books fell into this category). After the jump, in-depth analyses of the various columns and the books constituting them! (more…)