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7th January
written by Steph
The first step is admitting I have a problem, right?

The first step is admitting I have a problem, right?

Sigh.  As much as I resolve that my most recent trip to McKay's will be my last until I've made a sizeable dent in that bounty (if not all the other books that languish on our shelves... and floors, as you will see!), it never is.  When it comes to buying books, I just can't seem to quit.  And McKay's really does me no favors, given its fabulous selection AND the low prices.  I reckon that church rummage and library sales might be a tad cheaper, but as I've said before, when a "splurge" means plonking down $5, I'll pay a bit extra for the convenience of being able to buy books whenever I want! Just 1 day into the new year, and Tony and I found ourselves at McKay's, as we had amassed enough of a read books and played video games stack to warrant a trade-in.  Our trip was momentous for several reasons.  First, due to the sizeable trade-in amountn we were awarded, we walked out of McKay's without spending a single penny (in fact, we walked away with credit towards our next spree!). Second, I think you'll notice that this time round, Tony actively contributed to our spending by selecting several books himself.  I love when I have a partner in crime! Without further ado, onto the books! (Click to Enlarge) (more…)