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23rd December
written by Steph
This is what restraint looks like.  And true love!

This is what restraint looks like. And true love!

Books that is!  This latest haul is actually from last weekend, when Tony and I made a quick stop at McKay's (where else?).  This time the damage was relatively small, only setting us back $30, which really isn't too bad when you consider all of the loot we picked up (13 books total!)!  Of course I love the prices at McKay, but the other thing that I really appreciate about them is that they really have a wonderful and broad selection.  On the off chance they don't have a particular book I'm looking for on one trip, it's extremely unlikely they won't have it the next time round.  One reason why I think I would have a hard time transitioning to ebooks (even if the Kindle is indeed brilliant), is because I really am deeply attuned to the aesthetic qualities of each book I read - I do judge books by their covers, for one thing.  If I make it past that, and flip the book over and the back blurb intrigues, me, only then do I venture into the book proper.  And here it's critical that the paper be of relatively good stock, but even more important is that the fonts used are clean and not too heavy.  Have you ever picked up a book where the type is too thick and feels almost smudgy or blurred?  I hate that!  It generally makes for an unpleasant reading experience, and I wind up find poorly printed books more difficult to read, on both a perceptual and emotional level.  Really, reading is a very visceral experience for me!  Anyway, this tangent was merely to convey that at McKay's the constant influx of stock means that if I find a book I want but it's perhaps not an edition that is most desirable or evocative to me, then I generally don't feel bad about putting it back and waiting for another copy that does suit my fancy.  Their books are generally in like-new or lightly used condition, and they do seem to actually take into account the condition of the book when pricing it, which I appreciate.  I've actually begun to accrue a large collection of random book marks, from previous book owners who evidently didn't cashed in on a particular book that they left unfinished. In depth analysis and discussion of each column and individual books after the jump... (more…)